Rebecca Mock’s amazing gif illustration

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wow, I really like these.

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"Anatomy of a Female Orgasm" collage art by bedelgeuse. Created for the 30th annual exotic art show.

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Miniature Books by Little Literature

More miniatures on Tumblr Radar!

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War Kitties in Hammocks

Carriers and other vessels got infested with rodents. So cats were not just moral boosters (which they very much were) they were also working members of the crew. Some have even been immortalized for surviving multiple attacks on their ships, etc. Military dogs have been recognized for the important roles they’ve played but I think cats kinda get lost in the shuffle of military animals sometimes.

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Kitten would do well in this field.

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If someone ever asks you what Tumblr is, just show them this picture.

1/16th Native American

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Henrik Nordenberg (1857-1928) - Artist in his studio, oil on canvas, 56 x 39,5 cm. 1891.

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A day's end by  on 500px

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Tiny Crimes
- Dina Belenko

Belenko’s work often shares a common style of giving insight into the tiny world of everyday objects, without the use of tiny people. Her series ‘Tiny Crimes’ is another fantastic example where she looks beyond the common first glance of mess, and creates action packed crimes scenes. A wonderful collaboration of digital photography and innocent imagination.

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too many cat posts, I know… I can’t help it

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my cats follow this to the letter.

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